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{ Yearly Archives } 2005

Bluetooth! Bluetooth! Bluetooth!

A good article over at O’Reilly’s Mac Dev Center on Bluetooth:
What Is Bluetooth (apparently not a question, though)
Talks about what you might use Bluetooth for and how to get it rolling on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Sadly, this passes for a blog post by me these days. Maybe this picture of Macy [...]

Morning humor

Sometimes you need a good chuckle in the morning. Mazzi sent me these two pics today and both made me laugh out loud, the first because just this morning I got messaged by those stupid AIM bots, and the second because it reminded me of a picture (which I can’t seem to find right [...]

From one fan to another

With all the stuff that’s been happening lately, I’m definitely lagging behind in the things I’d like to blog about, but I feel that it would be a sin to leave out one thing that’s happened lately that leaves us absolutely scratching our heads. A haunted house, helping friends with home improvement, Michelle losing [...]

Fans and such

So we had the people come today to check out the apartment. They are coming back later in the week to check out the floor but for now they are trying to salvage the walls and baseboards by drying them out with enormous fans and dehumidifiers. It feels like summer in the apartment [...]

Express yourself

I found out this morning from Michelle that my post about the flooding was quoted in the Express paper today. Here is a snippet and you can download the full version here [PDF]. Me, I’m just honored to share the page with Ashlee Simpson.
More to come once things get settled a bit [...]

Floods are draining

So the whole past day has been pretty intense… we awoke before 7am to a puddles in our bedroom and have been going non-stop since then. I spent the first three hours of the day standing in the pouring rain sweeping water across a tarp with a broom. Thank you thank you thank [...]

Seeking advice…

… on what to do when you live in basement apartment and it starts to FLOOD. Thank you.

My “one more thing” prediction

My prediction for Apple’s special event on the 12th? Sales of Pixar videos through the iTunes Music Store in a manner similar to music buys. Also maybe someone else’s videos.
No new iPod hardware.
No G5 PowerBook (nor ever, methinks).
The G4 PowerBooks will get a speed bump nearer the end [...]

Mostly Miscellany

A number of things have been going on, but for some reason I’m inspired to write about a few key issues ranging from superficial to compelling. Read on if you want a hodgepodge.
Hide the WHAT?!?
Howard Dean, on executive privilege:
MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?
DEAN: Well, [...]

Blue in the Tooth

I’ve been getting a fair amount of questioning about Bluetooth lately, so I figured I’d post about why it’s so cool, how it’s not entirely geeky, and what I do with it.
The Good
The cool part about Bluetooth is that it’s just supposed to make peripherals easier. Phone, keyboard, mouse — all of [...]