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{ Monthly Archives } June 2005

Busy lately

I feel like Michelle and I tend to do a lot on the weekends… which is probably evened out by the fact that I do very little during the week besides work, drive, and play Warcraft. Two weeks ago was Walk the World and my mom was in town, last weekend we went canoeing [...]

Walk the World

Sunday I partipated in a most extraordinary event. We’ve been gearing up for months for an event run by the United Nations World Food Programme called Fight Hunger: Walk the World. The goal this year was to move from a closed event to an open event and get previously non-affilated people to participate [...]

WebKit is now open for business

Apple has announced that they are open-sourcing WebKit, which is the software behind how Safari (and Dashboard) show web pages. That’s crazy and unprecedented (well, outside the fully open-source world, anyway). That means Safari can only get better, faster, and more secure with time.
This probably has something to do with how [...]


I get a lot of tech questions, both about technology issues but usually about practical, usable stuff. So much so that I thought a category for them would be good, so that I can answer them and post links to stuff.
With that, here’s where I get all my Dashboard widgets
And [...]

Welcome to my blog

So, I have a LiveJournal. And a work blog. And a wedding blog. All serve their purpose, and I keep them all pretty much up to date. I’ve been “blogging” since 2001. But I need a “sticky space” where I can tag all this info I’m trying to filter through, [...]