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Walk the World

Sunday I partipated in a most extraordinary event. We’ve been gearing up for months for an event run by the United Nations World Food Programme called Fight Hunger: Walk the World. The goal this year was to move from a closed event to an open event and get previously non-affilated people to participate in the walk to raise money and awareness for world child hunger. It was a resounding success, with over 200,000 people walking worldwide in 269 cities and over 90 countries in all 24 time zones.

Despite working on a good portion of the tech for this for several months (like the map, the meter in the sidebar, and the photo galleries, not to mention running the hosting), nothing compared to actually walking and then later seeing and reading about the amount of participation. Just check out some of the photos:


Thousands of people worldwide — it was very powerful and special. My mom, Michelle and I walked with a number of my co-workers (see us here or our walk here). The program’s website (built and hosted by us) is here.

Too cool.