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{ Monthly Archives } July 2005

U-Haul can bite my shiny metal ass

Tell me, is it acceptable for a company to let you “reserve” a truck weeks ago, let you schedule movers around a pick-up time, not give you a definite pick-up location until the day before you need to move, and then at that point, tell you they are on a 72-hour delay and that the [...]

Goodbye, that place I lived

As I sit in Jen, Mike, and Emily’s place in DC, a couple blocks from our new place, I’m thinking of good old Culpeper. I’ll miss that town. Michelle and I are moving this weekend and although we’re only going about 75 miles away, we’ll essentially be ending our stay in that area [...]

From the “protecting our liberties by effectively removing them” department

As usual, I have to say I agree with Bruce Schneier on NYC cops randomly searching bags on mass transportation.
[Police Commissioner Raymond] Kelly stressed that officers posted at subway entrances would not engage in racial profiling, and that passengers are free to “turn around and leave.”
“Okay guys; here are your explosives. If one [...]

The new crack

So, you could say I’m still pretty heavily addicted to World of Warcraft. I’ve been playing pretty regularly (read: at least twice a week when home, and often when not) since a couple days before Thanksgiving. I’m now at level 55, which is not bad considering it only goes up to 60 and [...]

The new Windows

Two things really made me smile today.
First, Mac is making inroads in corporate use. Here’s a survey that shows upwards of 20% usage in some places. [via Slashdot]
Second, Microsoft announced Longhorn’s official name today: Microsoft Vista. I’m really trying not to shoot them down too much, but I really [...]

Slight tweaks

I finally got around to tweaking the site layout a bit. I’ve added to my personal links, as well as added a blogroll (email with suggestions!) I’ve also cleaned the theme up a bit. I’ll likely keep working on it, but for now, I’m happy with it.
Has anyone used this [...]

U.S. coins are getting lame, doo-daa, doo-daa

When I was a kid, I collected coins. For what it’s worth, I still have all of them, including a number of foreign coins from maybe 30 countries that my dad and uncle gave to me. But I collected all of the U.S. ones myself. I used to marvel at the designs [...]

Supreme Court

Tim weighs in on the Supreme Court nomination.

Firefox/open source FUD

FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt. Often used in connection with open source projects to scare people into sticking with known, but sometimes unsafe, proprietary software. Not always intentional, unless you count unnecessary sensationalism in tech journalism.
Background: the Spread Firefox website is built on Drupal which is the same software that [...]

T-Minus 12 days and counting…

Funny thing about getting free boxes for moving from the local liquor store — everything you own gets packed up in them and when you show up at your new place, you definitely set the tone when you are seen carting in over 50 boxes of alcoholic beverages.
At least that’s how I imagine [...]