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Goodbye, that place I lived

As I sit in Jen, Mike, and Emily’s place in DC, a couple blocks from our new place, I’m thinking of good old Culpeper. I’ll miss that town. Michelle and I are moving this weekend and although we’re only going about 75 miles away, we’ll essentially be ending our stay in that area and moving to a new one. It’s a whole different world.

DC itself is quite different from Northern Virginia, and technically Culpeper (and Fredericksburg, where I lived the year prior while Michelle was first in Culpeper) is even more removed still. I guess I think of the areas in comparison to where I last lived in the Albany, NY region, where major cities were kind of islands among lots of little towns. There was the tri-city Albany/Troy/Schenectady area, and then in an hour or so in each direction, Glens Falls, Poughkeepsie, Utica, or Pittsfield. Down here, the whole northern part of the state feels like one big megapolis connected by congested interstate highways. Culpeper and even Fredericksburg are somewhat removed from that, but constantly challenged by the growth and development that is spreading all over the region. In the two years I’ve known Culpeper, the downtown shops have been swapped around, remodeled, and expanded, the intersection by our place was upgraded to a stoplight, a half-dozen housing developments have replaced pastures, and ethnic restaurants besides the standard Chinese, Mexican, and Italian have starting cropping up (Thai, Japanese, French). It’s changing fast and in ten years, I’m sure I’ll hardly recognize it.

Things I’ll miss:

- only having to drive five minutes in any direction to get to any other place in town
- being able to cross Main St. without using the crosswalks
- the awesome library, which I definitely didn’t visit often enough
- my great coffee shop, where I could work upstairs while they were roasting downstairs, and they knew me by name
- a beautiful park within walking distance of the house
- the beautiful National Cemetery

Things I won’t miss:

- movie theater with four screens, usually with one crappy movie like House of Wax on two of them
- lack of ethnic restaurants
- no place to get most household commodities besides Wal-Mart
- lots of yokels in large trucks

I’ll try to think of more later, but for now, I have to jet.

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  1. Michelle | July 26, 2005 at 10:34 pm | Permalink

    Things I’ll miss:
    -lots of yokels in large trucks (they are great)
    -view of the mountains everyday as I drive to and from work
    -all of my amazing colleagues, I really am going to miss my coworkers they are all interesting and fun to be with
    -fresh veggies and homemade pies from my patients (I got a homemade cherry cheesecake today, sorry Justin I left it at work)
    -my really fun patients
    -my car

    Things I won’t miss:
    -lack of restaurants
    -working occasional weekends (even if that is where I find all the good wound care stories)

    Culpeper has been a great place, I will miss it a lot.

  2. Michelle | July 26, 2005 at 10:36 pm | Permalink

    oh i forgot…

    I’ll miss and not miss:

    -the crazy bible preaching people that stop by, even if I don’t believe everything they tell me, they are fun
    -oh and the local gossip that tells you everything about everyone in small towns… hilarious!