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{ Monthly Archives } August 2005

Some overdue photos, some brand new

Finally put up my photos from Cape Cod earlier this month, as well as photos from the past weekend in Vegas for Nate’s bachelor party. Good times all around.
I think I’m finally crawling my way out from underneath the digital and meatspace piles I’ve been buried under recently, and in some ways, [...]

Speak easily

I’m super impressed with Speakeasy thus far. We’ve had DSL for a week or so and today we got our VoIP phone setup. It’s a regular phone but it’s hooked into our internet connection so we get free long distance and unlimited calling — kind of like Skype but more phone-ish.
What [...]

Yes. Yes, yes, yes.

Michelle tells me we now have internet at home again (Speakeasy DSL, by the way — highly recommend so far.) I’ve been basically offline at home since the end of July, so this is a welcome change. I’ll be setting up the wireless tonight.

Right on, Google News

I occasionally come across either a nice machine-edited headline on Google News or sometimes a great juxtopositioning of a headline with a pic (like one time, something about Tony Blair paired with a photo of Joey from Friends). Just found this one belonging to the former category:

Hmm, that’s some insight. Thanks, Google. [...]

Having relations?

Gotta love this on the Famous Mac Users page:

Um, yeah. Somehow I don’t think P-Funk has any relation to Bubba.

From Greenwich to Greenwich with some Cape, comics, candy, and kareoke in between

I just returned late last night from a vacation involving nine states and even more distinct transportation vehicles. I’m still a little out of it but I’m back on the job with a full metric f-ton of catching up to do. I think this was the longest period of time I’ve been without [...]

A moving experience, part one

For the curious, yes, we were able to move this weekend. I’ll write more later, but I’m online for the first time in a couple days, so I need to catch up. I’m going to start off with one of these topics, though:
* how the movers got a ticket and we almost [...]