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From Greenwich to Greenwich with some Cape, comics, candy, and kareoke in between

I just returned late last night from a vacation involving nine states and even more distinct transportation vehicles. I’m still a little out of it but I’m back on the job with a full metric f-ton of catching up to do. I think this was the longest period of time I’ve been without broadband since the late 90s. It sure feels like it.

I haven’t taken a real vacation in about two years, when I took a month off after moving to VA, and I don’t think I’ve ever needed one more than I did this time. But coming right after the move (which I still owe a post on) and with the amount of stuff I’ve been involved with at work, I’m a little mobbed right now.

Also I don’t think I’ve ever sweated more in my life. On the plus side, however, now I’m tan and Maura doesn’t know what to make of it.

Quick summation:

1. Drove to Greenwich, CT with Carey and Michelle on Friday the 5th for Tim, Mike, and Rich’s birthdays in a whirlwind evening. One vehicle, seven states, arrived close to midnight.

2. Left early to catch a train to New Haven and drove Michelle’s mom’s car (with baby) to Cape Cod. Three vehicles, two states.

3. Spent a week on the Cape (never been before) with six of Michelle’s family members being a total kid. I rode bikes (30 miles), built Legos, went off-roading on sand dunes, shopped at a game store in P-Town, drove a convertible, went on a whale watch, spent $35 on candy, mini golfed, and ate more seafood than a dolphin. Five vehicles and only one state, though I technically worked one day of the vacation.

4. Drove Michelle’s dad’s Jeep (with puppy and heavily loaded trailer) back to Hartford, showered and hitched a ride to NYC, and spent six hours in a kareoke club with lots of old friends celebrating Dr. Elyse of Seattle’s recent graduation. Got the most smashed I’ve been in about a year and stumbled my way to a hotel in the Village. Had brunch, camped at Penn Station, and rode a very delayed train back to DC where I walked all over creation with my entire vacation luggage until Emily and Tim graciously provided me my keys and a ride home. Six vehicles, seven states, and the experience of a phenomenal $1000+ kareoke evening, though that could still be the cider talking.

Whew. I’ll have to do this again sometime. Like maybe in 2010.