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Speak easily

I’m super impressed with Speakeasy thus far. We’ve had DSL for a week or so and today we got our VoIP phone setup. It’s a regular phone but it’s hooked into our internet connection so we get free long distance and unlimited calling — kind of like Skype but more phone-ish.

What this means practically is that I can download my voicemail from the web or by email, get emailed when I miss a call at home, easily forward calls to other phones automatically by calling number, and automatically receive faxes as image files waiting to be downloaded. So cool!

Also, the support and the clarity of the process has been great so far and they’re very tech friendly. We’ll see how things progress but so far I think I have a new favorite company.

If you’re interested in checking it out, they have a referral program. Just visit if you’d like more info and to help us pay our bill!

Also you can check out the speed of your current connection with their cool tool here.

Ok, enough gushing for now.

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  1. Joe | August 25, 2005 at 11:35 pm | Permalink

    I took the speed test. 6.1/360. Compares pretty well to the base DSL speed of 1.5/384. And I think it’s a bit cheaper also.

    Now the service… I’m sure that doesn’t compare. Comcast’s service is pretty bad. But I do like these download speeds.

    I guess the only other comparison would be ping times for WoW :)