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{ Monthly Archives } September 2005

Blue in the Tooth

I’ve been getting a fair amount of questioning about Bluetooth lately, so I figured I’d post about why it’s so cool, how it’s not entirely geeky, and what I do with it.
The Good
The cool part about Bluetooth is that it’s just supposed to make peripherals easier. Phone, keyboard, mouse — all of [...]

Still happy

I’m still definitely happy with our Speakeasy service for DSL and VoIP. I’m looking into possibly setting up a little server at home again and using them for secondary DNS, but that will have to wait until I have some extra geek time. But I wanted to relate a customer service experience that [...]

Meet Cropp.

Being new to a big city like DC, it was nice to see a candidate for public office out pressing the flesh this morning. Linda Cropp was at the Columbia Heights Metro saying hi and handing out flyers with her supporters.
Meet Cropp!

My new favorite photo of myself

In doing some housecleaning last night, I found a photo that I had forgotten about and it instantly became my new favorite photo of myself. I guess it took a decade or so away from it to bring me back around.

I’m not sure what does it for me — the car, the [...]

eBay Scoops Skype

Cross-posted from my work blog.
I’ve read this morning that eBay has agreed to buy Skype, the fastest-growing provider of VoIP services, for anywhere from $2.6 to $4.1 billion dollars. Now Skype is cool, don’t get me wrong, but something doesn’t sound right about the angle the press is taking on the deal.
I’m [...]

More on AirPort goodies

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Macs now have a nice AirPort network manager. Here’s another good article from the AirPort Blog with more detail:
Using Tiger’s Preferred Network List

Apple means business

Following up on my previous post about Apple open-sourcing Safari, today I read that they have their first non-Apple committer to the code. Fantastic. plugins

Oh. My. Word. Mike and Jen just tipped me off this morning to two Mail plugins… just starting to check them out but they are amazing.
If you’re on a Mac, do yourself a favor and check these out. They’re not just geek stuff!