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Still happy

I’m still definitely happy with our Speakeasy service for DSL and VoIP. I’m looking into possibly setting up a little server at home again and using them for secondary DNS, but that will have to wait until I have some extra geek time. But I wanted to relate a customer service experience that we had yesterday.

Michelle went to file for a hardware rebate on the DSL modem (and not chump change, either, it is over $100). However, the rebate form download was not working and kept complaining about needing a credit card on file to prove that we had acquired the service and not finding one (despite it being properly set up).

We opened a support ticket and within 24 hours had resolution — which was that Speakeasy just credited us directly for the rebate. A more common approach would have been to have us try something else or at worst, to manually send us the rebate form. But they just bypassed the whole procedure and now we have a negative balance on our next month’s bill.

Now that’s service.