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Floods are draining

So the whole past day has been pretty intense… we awoke before 7am to a puddles in our bedroom and have been going non-stop since then. I spent the first three hours of the day standing in the pouring rain sweeping water across a tarp with a broom. Thank you thank you thank you to Mike, Jen, Tim, and Emily for lots of help today, including Tim joining me in the sweepage and Mike and Jen making a trip to the hardware store for a dehumidifier, PVC pipe, and an extra tarp.

The thought process was strange; I went from worrying about getting wet towels on the floor to considering where we might have to live temporarily and where we might store our stuff, all in the quick ramp-up span of like 20 minutes. I’m still not settled — we cancelled Michelle’s birthday show at the Kennedy Center tonight and a nice dinner and we might have to cancel brunch with Joe and even a show tomorrow night. At a certain point we’ll have to leave the house but right now I’m nervous to go down the street until this storm blows over.

Apparently we weren’t alone.

It seems it might not have been the building or grounds proper that are the cause. I mean, to a point, yes, but there’s been so much rain that I’m not sure we could have done anything about it.

Our landlord is helping as much as she can — after all, this is her place but she’s at school for two years so when she’s done I’m sure she wants it back in decent shape. She’s paying to have ServiceMaster come (hopefully tomorrow) to clean up the water, check for mold and spores and all that, and dry things out properly. We’ll probably have a bare floor for a week or so and who knows what else. We’ve kind of made do with the dresser in the living room and lots of stuff stacked around the drier parts of the place.

It’s things like this that give me the inspiration for the name of this blog — so that happened.

Photos here. Also a moblog from Tim here (nice hat!)

Post Script: I hear this is a result of the fallout of Tropical Storm Tammy. If there’s one thing I’ve believed for a few years now and that I want to go on the record as saying, it’s that I believe my generation will be greatly impacted by climate change and things like this are only the beginning. Is it me or does it feel like the environment is really getting angry?