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{ Monthly Archives } January 2006

The new iPhoto

Quick thoughts on the new iPhoto in iLife ‘06. Nothing of Ars Technica calibre, but I felt it was cool enough to warrant a write-up. Michelle and I popped in the Apple Store yesterday while doing registry shopping and — what do you know — I forgot that I had wanted to buy [...]

Cat seizures

Well, Macy just had another seizure. This one tossed her from her cat tower perch across the lid of the trash can, knocking it off, then getting caught on a basket on the windowsill where I keep my wallet and keys, dumping that, then onto her food/water tray, flipping the water bowl and landing in [...]

Flickr moblogs & CSS

Between bouts of late-night work, wedding planning, and sickness, I haven’t had time for much fun stuff lately. But I started helping Lanya with her new site tonight and we added some Flickr photos. I figured it was time to do the same on my site, so now I’ve got my moblogs in [...]

Finally, a replacement for Windows Media Player

Thanks to Silbo for the heads up on this earlier this week — I passed it by, yawning at another “Microsoft story”. Seems QuickTime can now handle WMV files via this great plugin.
More about it on decaffeinated as well.
Update: Forgot to mention, the cool part about this is that it’s now [...]

Justin’s Pulse O’ The MacWorld™

Well, it comes time again for me to make a prediction as to Apple’s new product releases at MacWorld in thirty minutes. I have no real sources or anything, other than all of the rumor sites, but I’d like to take a stab anyway, combining the rumors with my judgement as to what’s feasible [...]

An end(?) to the saga

Today we return to the house with a new hardwood floor in the bedroom, replacing the warped laminate one. Hopefully that chapter in our lives is over.
After a long holiday weekend in Connecticut, including meeting with and choosing our officiant for the wedding (a reverend whom we’re really excited about), and actual New [...]