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An end(?) to the saga

Today we return to the house with a new hardwood floor in the bedroom, replacing the warped laminate one. Hopefully that chapter in our lives is over.

After a long holiday weekend in Connecticut, including meeting with and choosing our officiant for the wedding (a reverend whom we’re really excited about), and actual New Years in the Berkshires, we spent yesterday in a combination of anxiety attacks (Michelle, medicating and preparing for our blizzard-ful flight takeoff), me having to call into a work conference call for our State of the Company while this was happening, and flight delay and de-icing. Also, when they peeled up the old floor, they were set back a day because it was still wet underneath and it had to dry. We got home from the airport, picking up Thai on the way, swapped the dirty clothes for clean ones, and promptly spent the night at Emily’s.

Today found me going to work at our new office downtown for the first time, where I setup the printing and resolved various other wireless issues, then picked up Macy and walked a mile carrying her cat carrier and my work backpack after dark. Turns out Connecticut Ave. was closed between Farragut (work) and Dupont (halfway home on the bus) so I had to Metro and catch a cab in order to pick her up in time. Also the vet bill was more than our airplane tickets.

Tonight we wait until 9pm for the floor glue to dry so we can move the stacked half of our possessions back into the bedroom and spend a night at home. At last.

Hate to sound run-on, but I’m ready for a break again, already.

Update: I forget to mention that two contributing factors on Macy’s vet bill were “fecal floatation” and “anal expression”. Can someone enlighten me? More than anything, I’m just curious as to whether anyone else has had them done.

Update 2: Ok, I just had to Google, and I’ve learned all I need to know about butt scooting in dogs and what makes poo stinky in cats. I am now enlightened.