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Super Bowl XL

As much disdain I have for professional sports, both because of salaries and because of the notion of “world championships” involving the US and Canada, it made me happy to see the Steelers win last night. I won’t be a fairweather fan and say I’ve been rooting for them, but the combination of Jerome Bettis likely retiring and winning in his hometown of Detroit as a sendoff, Bill Cowher having the longest tenure of any NFL coach (14 years) and finally seeing a win, and the fact that exactly 10 years ago, I was super-hyped for the Steelers to beat the Cowboys (which they didn’t) all combine to make me happy that they pulled it off.

Growing up in the 70’s and early 80’s outside of Pittsburgh, it’s like those colors are etched in my mind — all the hats and snowsuits and lunchboxes in black and gold. I always like it when the Steelers do well.

It was a great game, too — lots of fun to watch. Thanks to Joshua for the party.