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{ Monthly Archives } March 2006

Express written permission

Ok, I know, lame title. However I was in the Express again today, where they quoted my jaywalking experience. Perhaps this was due to my DCist mention? Thanks, Tom!
I’m not sure how they found me last time, but regardless, it makes DC feel all the smaller and me all the more welcome. It’s only [...]

Pedestrian criminality is all the rage

So I recently got a ticket. On foot.

It was a such a beautiful day out that I shed my jacket and was wandering across 17th St. into Farragut Square on the way to work. On the other side, I was approached by a uniformed police officer and told that he’d have to give me [...]

Blew by South By

I’m kind of left in awe of South By Southwest. I think the thing that best sums it up is what Wilson said: that everyone was excited about something. The buzz was palpable, and it was widely distributed.
I roamed the convention center, I attended a panel during every slot, sometimes jumping around to keep [...]


You’re seeing this post courtesy WordPress 2. I’ve just upgraded, and things look pretty good.
Hopefully more substance soon. In the meantime, check out what the gnomes are building.