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Express written permission

Ok, I know, lame title. However I was in the Express again today, where they quoted my jaywalking experience. Perhaps this was due to my DCist mention? Thanks, Tom!

I’m not sure how they found me last time, but regardless, it makes DC feel all the smaller and me all the more welcome. It’s only a mention of a blog, which I don’t put a lot of effort into (no offense, dear reader), but it gives me a warm fuzzy anyway.

I guess anyone who has a mildly negative (in the case of yesterday) or wildly negative (i.e. apartment flooding) experience just wants to share and get some sympathy or at least a nod in agreement. So, to whomever at the Express is reading, thanks :-)

(Or, as Joshua and JP put it, maybe they just like the domain name.)

Copy of the full version here [14MB PDF].