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Getting our ducks in a row

All possessions are, in theory, safe from the elements. Essentially, they were moved from this to this with more than a little bit of this. This seems like years ago at this point.

This past week has easily been the worst of my life, if not Michelle’s as well (her take is here). It punctuated periods of boredom and reflection on loss with those of intense stress, physical pain and exhaustion, steep payout of absurd sums of money for cardboard boxes, internet access, vehicles, and a remote climate controlled shed (however, yes, the accompanying image constitutes an official endorsement — though we will wait until our stuff is back out before having the final word). We’re going on four figures at this point, not counting the loss of our security deposit. I intend to blog this in a series, but as these things tend to go, that may not happen. Regardless, I can’t do it now, so it will have to wait for future bloggums or personal recount.

Hope everyone else stayed dry and is having a relaxing Fourth. If you want to help, the biggest assistance as of now would be help packing our stuff back into a truck tomorrow afternoon — but we’ve got professional movers to help Wednesday morning when we get into our new place. Same neighborhood, new elevation. I can feel the ensuing party coming on even now.

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  1. Joshua | July 3, 2006 at 7:46 pm | Permalink

    I wish I could have helped.