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A long summer

Well, I just got my car back after close to three weeks of the rental car (which wasn’t bad, in retrospect). I’ve never put 1500 miles on a rental car before, though. The only problems with my car now are that the trunk doesn’t always latch on the first try and the steering wheel is off by about 30 degrees to the left, so when you hold it straight, you veer into the left lane. Not good. I expect they will fix it pretty quickly — Progressive has been good to work with. Very little hassle. It’s nice to be back in my car and driving stick again.

In other news, my grandfather fell into some very bad health last week. He’s back out of it, but no longer recognizes any of us. I’m very close to him and this has been very difficult. I spent about 10 hours with him at the hospital over two days as he was coming out of it, but before he was active again. He’s 97 and has lived a long and eventful life but this last phase is very rough for us. I shall write more about him soon.

Wedding is in 19 days. Things are coming together and I’m trying not to stress too much over it. I’ve never been involved in a project of this scale between two people before.

Today was pretty representative of this summer: get up with a headache for some reason, take a shower, go to shave and — oh, that’s right — Michelle’s parents’ dog ate my aftershave. Make it through, go in a billion different directions at work today, get the car and drive home holding the steering wheel at an angle. On the upside, now for some delicious pasta and hanging out with Michelle.

Post-September will be a breath of fresh air.