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{ Monthly Archives } November 2006

Fun with hardware

I actually don’t have any new hardware… yet. But I’ve been eying a couple things to play with. Um, I mean work with.
Truth is, I’ve been pretty busy freelancing for the past couple weeks. That’s right, I made the leap and so far I’m really enjoying it. I have a profile site which I’m [...]

My take on Lost

Catherine writes about her frustration with Lost and links to How ‘Lost’ is Ruining My Life. I feel their pain. That’s why when something occurred to me last time I was watching, it almost snapped into being as the only logical explanation.
I started watching at the second season premiere and haven’t missed an episode [...]

Improving photography

I’m trying to better my photography skills, so today Jim and I spent some time down on the Mall. I’ve also been reading this book but I’m not very far in. Going in I had no understanding of aperture, shutter speed, etc., but I’m learning by trial and error.
My first attempt is here — [...]

Great headlines

Two very exciting headlines this morning:
Democrats recapture US House of Representatives
Democrats Take Majority of Governorships
Now, let’s just get the results of Virginia and Montana…