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Akismet is teh r0×0r

I’ve seen a steep increase in comment spam in the past couple weeks — from basically none to ten or more a day. Across three blogs, this gets pretty annoying, even if they don’t make it through the filter — I still have to delete them and I get emailed about them as they’re submitted.

I had in place a WordPress plugin called Anti Spam Image, which was a rudimentary Captcha-style “verify you are a human” image test. They must have gotten around it, because that wasn’t stopping anyone.

So yesterday I looked into Akismet, which requires a free, basic account. In less than twenty four hours, I’ve had no false positives and here are the stats:

this blog: 1 spam caught
wedding blog: 15 spam caught!
Code Sorcery Workshop: 28 spam caught!!

That’s pretty sweet. So far, I heartily recommend it.