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Express written permission

Ok, I know, lame title. However I was in the Express again today, where they quoted my jaywalking experience. Perhaps this was due to my DCist mention? Thanks, Tom!
I’m not sure how they found me last time, but regardless, it makes DC feel all the smaller and me all the more welcome. It’s only [...]

Pedestrian criminality is all the rage

So I recently got a ticket. On foot.

It was a such a beautiful day out that I shed my jacket and was wandering across 17th St. into Farragut Square on the way to work. On the other side, I was approached by a uniformed police officer and told that he’d have to give me [...]

An end(?) to the saga

Today we return to the house with a new hardwood floor in the bedroom, replacing the warped laminate one. Hopefully that chapter in our lives is over.
After a long holiday weekend in Connecticut, including meeting with and choosing our officiant for the wedding (a reverend whom we’re really excited about), and actual New [...]

Express yourself

I found out this morning from Michelle that my post about the flooding was quoted in the Express paper today. Here is a snippet and you can download the full version here [PDF]. Me, I’m just honored to share the page with Ashlee Simpson.
More to come once things get settled a bit [...]

Floods are draining

So the whole past day has been pretty intense… we awoke before 7am to a puddles in our bedroom and have been going non-stop since then. I spent the first three hours of the day standing in the pouring rain sweeping water across a tarp with a broom. Thank you thank you thank [...]

Seeking advice…

… on what to do when you live in basement apartment and it starts to FLOOD. Thank you.

Meet Cropp.

Being new to a big city like DC, it was nice to see a candidate for public office out pressing the flesh this morning. Linda Cropp was at the Columbia Heights Metro saying hi and handing out flyers with her supporters.
Meet Cropp!

A moving experience, part one

For the curious, yes, we were able to move this weekend. I’ll write more later, but I’m online for the first time in a couple days, so I need to catch up. I’m going to start off with one of these topics, though:
* how the movers got a ticket and we almost [...]

U-Haul can bite my shiny metal ass

Tell me, is it acceptable for a company to let you “reserve” a truck weeks ago, let you schedule movers around a pick-up time, not give you a definite pick-up location until the day before you need to move, and then at that point, tell you they are on a 72-hour delay and that the [...]

Goodbye, that place I lived

As I sit in Jen, Mike, and Emily’s place in DC, a couple blocks from our new place, I’m thinking of good old Culpeper. I’ll miss that town. Michelle and I are moving this weekend and although we’re only going about 75 miles away, we’ll essentially be ending our stay in that area [...]