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R-134a, pronounced “success”

So I just had a minor milestone when it comes to car upkeep. Like a lot of people, I don’t know much about what actually goes on under the hood of a car — it’s kind of a “closed box” system to me. I’m fairly self-conscious about it, since I deal with pretty complicated computer [...]

Getting our ducks in a row

All possessions are, in theory, safe from the elements. Essentially, they were moved from this to this with more than a little bit of this. This seems like years ago at this point.
This past week has easily been the worst of my life, if not Michelle’s as well (her take is here). It punctuated [...]

Flooding again

More coming again soon, I hope, but for now we’re flooding again. Pictures being cataloged here.

The gnomes have been busy…

I realized I haven’t specifically written about my latest side project, Code Sorcery Workshop. I’ve been working on building some Mac desktop software, starting with a posting program, Pukka.
It’s been a fun way to combine my interest in coding, software engineering, blogging, business, creativity, site design, and UI and artwork — I’ve done [...]

And the funny Easter image award goes to…

Hands down:

Humor + explosions

Firstly, this is definitely not funny and is tragic. At a Tim Hortons no less… wha?
But it did remind me of a hi-larious episode several years back when I still lived in Troy. I just told it to Michelle, but then did some research and it turns out it’s not quite what I remembered [...]

Express written permission

Ok, I know, lame title. However I was in the Express again today, where they quoted my jaywalking experience. Perhaps this was due to my DCist mention? Thanks, Tom!
I’m not sure how they found me last time, but regardless, it makes DC feel all the smaller and me all the more welcome. It’s only [...]


You’re seeing this post courtesy WordPress 2. I’ve just upgraded, and things look pretty good.
Hopefully more substance soon. In the meantime, check out what the gnomes are building.

Super Bowl XL

As much disdain I have for professional sports, both because of salaries and because of the notion of “world championships” involving the US and Canada, it made me happy to see the Steelers win last night. I won’t be a fairweather fan and say I’ve been rooting for them, but the combination of Jerome [...]

Cat seizures

Well, Macy just had another seizure. This one tossed her from her cat tower perch across the lid of the trash can, knocking it off, then getting caught on a basket on the windowsill where I keep my wallet and keys, dumping that, then onto her food/water tray, flipping the water bowl and landing in [...]