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Oh. My. Word. Mike and Jen just tipped me off this morning to two Mail plugins… just starting to check them out but they are amazing.
If you’re on a Mac, do yourself a favor and check these out. They’re not just geek stuff!

Slight tweaks

I finally got around to tweaking the site layout a bit. I’ve added to my personal links, as well as added a blogroll (email with suggestions!) I’ve also cleaned the theme up a bit. I’ll likely keep working on it, but for now, I’m happy with it.
Has anyone used this [...]

Mac OS X 10.4.2 Update and New Airport Options

Finally, a nice wireless network manager in OS X! Airport has always been good (and sure enough better than anything on Windows or Linux) but there was never a way to reset a known network so that you won’t connect to it in the future. This was particularly difficult if you joined someone’s [...]


Is it me or was this menu item’s result in NetNewsWire less than satisfying?

C’mon, man, I want some triceratops!