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Were you aware of it?

I’ve been using Apple’s Pages program quite a bit lately, namely for proposals and reports. In preparing a table of milestones with hour and cost estimates, I happened upon a great new feature: formulas in tables.

I guess this was a publicized feature of Pages 2, but it’s news to me. I was able to format cells containing amounts like this:

Fine and dandy, but then you can customize the suffix for doing something like hours:

This will tack on the word ‘hours’ to any numbers in this column.

Lastly, at the bottom of the table, I can use the built-in formulas to total each respective column:

I know, I know, this is not rocket science, nor is it drool-worthy, newsflash material. But, it’s notable to me for two reasons:

1) Apple doesn’t (yet) have a spreadsheet application, so this is a fantastic intermediary for great-looking tables.

2) Microsoft Word sucks, has sucked, and will continue to suck for simple things like this. I’ve been able to create all of my business templates in Pages (including envelopes) and they’ve worked flawlessly.

More on the feature here on