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Well, hello there, 2007

So it’s 2007. Things are good. I’ve been keeping quite busy and today is my two-month milestone as a freelancer. On that front, I’ve been working with some great clients and February is starting to fall into place. I’m also continuing in a serious way with the Mac software, though it is hard to demonstrate the depth to which this has been keeping me busy until I get a release of Pukka out the door. I’ve also got some other products in the pipeline — soon, soon. Lastly, I’ve got a website redesign heavily in the works over there (and then next, over here, but that’s not begun as of yet), so keep an eye out. I’m doing it all myself, mixing a bit of the rusty design skills with some new learning. As a friend said, “that probably doesn’t feel like work to you — you love it!” which is true, but it’s still tough to find the time.

So how about that iPhone? Pretty amazing. Everything’s pretty much been discussed to death, and as it happens, as much as I’d like one, I probably will not have one in June when they come out. This is for the same reason I don’t currently have a Treo or Blackberry — I still relish being able to unplug once in a while. I happily do not get email on my current phone. That didn’t stop me, however, from watching the liveblog of the Stevenote in realtime, chatting on IRC in #macsb, and pretty much peeing myself as all of the goodies were revealed. I struggle daily not to create a cardboard cutout of the iPhone so that I can get a sense of its dimensions.

That’s all for now. I’m enjoying waking up each day with a renewed sense of urgency — many things to accomplish and learn and a more well-rounded life to attempt to live.

For a better idea of my daily input and output, check out my ever-Pukka‘d links.