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Akismet 666

The classic blog death rattle — a redesign :-)
Actually, I’m not looking to perk up this blog any, but probably to change its purpose in the near future. Also, I just nabbed an unmodified theme and will likely change it again shortly. Coincidence that when I finally moved on this, my Akismet spam count was 666?

A personal blog just doesn’t fit my lifestyle. My links are much more active, as are my Flickr photos. That’s where the action is. Over here I just post when something doesn’t fit there or is for a wider audience than my friends-only LiveJournal (over six years strong now, by the way).

My original vision was like a home base for all my digital cruft. I think Code Sorcery Workshop will be more like that once I finish the redesign, since that’s where all of my work is happening.

The self-employed life continues to be excellent, but challenging. Discipline is key and can be improved.

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  1. Tim | March 20, 2007 at 5:00 pm | Permalink

    Yes, you’ve spelled out the same conditions that ended Toneland Blog.