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Well, hello there, 2007

So it’s 2007. Things are good. I’ve been keeping quite busy and today is my two-month milestone as a freelancer. On that front, I’ve been working with some great clients and February is starting to fall into place. I’m also continuing in a serious way with the Mac software, though it is hard to demonstrate [...]

Were you aware of it?

I’ve been using Apple’s Pages program quite a bit lately, namely for proposals and reports. In preparing a table of milestones with hour and cost estimates, I happened upon a great new feature: formulas in tables.
I guess this was a publicized feature of Pages 2, but it’s news to me. I was able to [...]

The gnomes have been busy…

I realized I haven’t specifically written about my latest side project, Code Sorcery Workshop. I’ve been working on building some Mac desktop software, starting with a posting program, Pukka.
It’s been a fun way to combine my interest in coding, software engineering, blogging, business, creativity, site design, and UI and artwork — I’ve done [...]

The new iPhoto

Quick thoughts on the new iPhoto in iLife ‘06. Nothing of Ars Technica calibre, but I felt it was cool enough to warrant a write-up. Michelle and I popped in the Apple Store yesterday while doing registry shopping and — what do you know — I forgot that I had wanted to buy [...]

Finally, a replacement for Windows Media Player

Thanks to Silbo for the heads up on this earlier this week — I passed it by, yawning at another “Microsoft story”. Seems QuickTime can now handle WMV files via this great plugin.
More about it on decaffeinated as well.
Update: Forgot to mention, the cool part about this is that it’s now [...]

Justin’s Pulse O’ The MacWorld™

Well, it comes time again for me to make a prediction as to Apple’s new product releases at MacWorld in thirty minutes. I have no real sources or anything, other than all of the rumor sites, but I’d like to take a stab anyway, combining the rumors with my judgement as to what’s feasible [...]

Bluetooth! Bluetooth! Bluetooth!

A good article over at O’Reilly’s Mac Dev Center on Bluetooth:
What Is Bluetooth (apparently not a question, though)
Talks about what you might use Bluetooth for and how to get it rolling on Mac, Windows, and Linux.
Sadly, this passes for a blog post by me these days. Maybe this picture of Macy [...]

From one fan to another

With all the stuff that’s been happening lately, I’m definitely lagging behind in the things I’d like to blog about, but I feel that it would be a sin to leave out one thing that’s happened lately that leaves us absolutely scratching our heads. A haunted house, helping friends with home improvement, Michelle losing [...]

My “one more thing” prediction

My prediction for Apple’s special event on the 12th? Sales of Pixar videos through the iTunes Music Store in a manner similar to music buys. Also maybe someone else’s videos.
No new iPod hardware.
No G5 PowerBook (nor ever, methinks).
The G4 PowerBooks will get a speed bump nearer the end [...]

Mostly Miscellany

A number of things have been going on, but for some reason I’m inspired to write about a few key issues ranging from superficial to compelling. Read on if you want a hodgepodge.
Hide the WHAT?!?
Howard Dean, on executive privilege:
MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?
DEAN: Well, [...]