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For the curious, I’m not blogging much over here anymore. I am however, syndicating a lot of my active content (links, photos, etc.) over here on Tumblr. I like it so far. It also pulls in Code Sorcery Workshop which, by the way, is keeping me quite happy and busy.
And, if you thought I [...]

Great headlines

Two very exciting headlines this morning:
Democrats recapture US House of Representatives
Democrats Take Majority of Governorships
Now, let’s just get the results of Virginia and Montana…

Minor update

So, in a nutshell:
* We’re married. Best day of my life. Photos soon.
* Greece & Turkey rocked. I flew back a week before this. Major buzzkill to go from Mediterranean cuisine to eating at a Subway in New Jersey on the drive home — wish I could have come down a little easier.
* Still [...]

Super Bowl XL

As much disdain I have for professional sports, both because of salaries and because of the notion of “world championships” involving the US and Canada, it made me happy to see the Steelers win last night. I won’t be a fairweather fan and say I’ve been rooting for them, but the combination of Jerome [...]

Justin’s Pulse O’ The MacWorld™

Well, it comes time again for me to make a prediction as to Apple’s new product releases at MacWorld in thirty minutes. I have no real sources or anything, other than all of the rumor sites, but I’d like to take a stab anyway, combining the rumors with my judgement as to what’s feasible [...]

Express yourself

I found out this morning from Michelle that my post about the flooding was quoted in the Express paper today. Here is a snippet and you can download the full version here [PDF]. Me, I’m just honored to share the page with Ashlee Simpson.
More to come once things get settled a bit [...]

Floods are draining

So the whole past day has been pretty intense… we awoke before 7am to a puddles in our bedroom and have been going non-stop since then. I spent the first three hours of the day standing in the pouring rain sweeping water across a tarp with a broom. Thank you thank you thank [...]

Mostly Miscellany

A number of things have been going on, but for some reason I’m inspired to write about a few key issues ranging from superficial to compelling. Read on if you want a hodgepodge.
Hide the WHAT?!?
Howard Dean, on executive privilege:
MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?
DEAN: Well, [...]

Meet Cropp.

Being new to a big city like DC, it was nice to see a candidate for public office out pressing the flesh this morning. Linda Cropp was at the Columbia Heights Metro saying hi and handing out flyers with her supporters.
Meet Cropp!

Right on, Google News

I occasionally come across either a nice machine-edited headline on Google News or sometimes a great juxtopositioning of a headline with a pic (like one time, something about Tony Blair paired with a photo of Joey from Friends). Just found this one belonging to the former category:

Hmm, that’s some insight. Thanks, Google. [...]