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You know you’re a Web 2.0 geek when…

… you totally nailed the first Buchanan submission to a Flickr pool about U.S. Presidents.

Improving photography

I’m trying to better my photography skills, so today Jim and I spent some time down on the Mall. I’ve also been reading this book but I’m not very far in. Going in I had no understanding of aperture, shutter speed, etc., but I’m learning by trial and error.
My first attempt is here — [...]

Athenian BORF

Just wanted to make sure that this didn’t slip off the radar… saw an homage to BORF in Athens that I was able to capture. I hope to soon annotate those other moblogs that I took with details as to where and when they were.

The new iPhoto

Quick thoughts on the new iPhoto in iLife ‘06. Nothing of Ars Technica calibre, but I felt it was cool enough to warrant a write-up. Michelle and I popped in the Apple Store yesterday while doing registry shopping and — what do you know — I forgot that I had wanted to buy [...]

Flickr moblogs & CSS

Between bouts of late-night work, wedding planning, and sickness, I haven’t had time for much fun stuff lately. But I started helping Lanya with her new site tonight and we added some Flickr photos. I figured it was time to do the same on my site, so now I’ve got my moblogs in [...]