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Great headlines

Two very exciting headlines this morning:
Democrats recapture US House of Representatives
Democrats Take Majority of Governorships
Now, let’s just get the results of Virginia and Montana…

Mostly Miscellany

A number of things have been going on, but for some reason I’m inspired to write about a few key issues ranging from superficial to compelling. Read on if you want a hodgepodge.
Hide the WHAT?!?
Howard Dean, on executive privilege:
MATTHEWS: Do you believe that the president can claim executive privilege?
DEAN: Well, [...]

Meet Cropp.

Being new to a big city like DC, it was nice to see a candidate for public office out pressing the flesh this morning. Linda Cropp was at the Columbia Heights Metro saying hi and handing out flyers with her supporters.
Meet Cropp!

From the “protecting our liberties by effectively removing them” department

As usual, I have to say I agree with Bruce Schneier on NYC cops randomly searching bags on mass transportation.
[Police Commissioner Raymond] Kelly stressed that officers posted at subway entrances would not engage in racial profiling, and that passengers are free to “turn around and leave.”
“Okay guys; here are your explosives. If one [...]

Supreme Court

Tim weighs in on the Supreme Court nomination.