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Allegro never misses a beat

The Allegro Condos being built next to my building advertise on their site that you “never miss a beat”. That certainly seems to be the case this morning as they are driving steel beams into the ground like clockwork, shaking my entire building (I’m on the fifth floor of a brick building) and echoing off [...]

My take on Lost

Catherine writes about her frustration with Lost and links to How ‘Lost’ is Ruining My Life. I feel their pain. That’s why when something occurred to me last time I was watching, it almost snapped into being as the only logical explanation.
I started watching at the second season premiere and haven’t missed an episode [...]

It’s never easy

So I took my car back to the collision place for a few niggling issues — the trunk latch was flaky, the steering wheel was rotated slightly, and the brake light was out. I just called to get an ETA (after a whole day) and it turns out when they checked it out, they found [...]

A long summer

Well, I just got my car back after close to three weeks of the rental car (which wasn’t bad, in retrospect). I’ve never put 1500 miles on a rental car before, though. The only problems with my car now are that the trunk doesn’t always latch on the first try and the steering wheel is [...]

An end(?) to the saga

Today we return to the house with a new hardwood floor in the bedroom, replacing the warped laminate one. Hopefully that chapter in our lives is over.
After a long holiday weekend in Connecticut, including meeting with and choosing our officiant for the wedding (a reverend whom we’re really excited about), and actual New [...]

Seeking advice…

… on what to do when you live in basement apartment and it starts to FLOOD. Thank you.

U-Haul can bite my shiny metal ass

Tell me, is it acceptable for a company to let you “reserve” a truck weeks ago, let you schedule movers around a pick-up time, not give you a definite pick-up location until the day before you need to move, and then at that point, tell you they are on a 72-hour delay and that the [...]