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Honeymoon? Oh yeah…

Starting to get the honeymoon photos up, beginning with Athens. My goal is to finish it by 2007. Each stage of the trip required significant paring down to the (hopefully) interesting photos.

Minor update

So, in a nutshell:
* We’re married. Best day of my life. Photos soon.
* Greece & Turkey rocked. I flew back a week before this. Major buzzkill to go from Mediterranean cuisine to eating at a Subway in New Jersey on the drive home — wish I could have come down a little easier.
* Still [...]

It’s never easy

So I took my car back to the collision place for a few niggling issues — the trunk latch was flaky, the steering wheel was rotated slightly, and the brake light was out. I just called to get an ETA (after a whole day) and it turns out when they checked it out, they found [...]

Listen up, old timer

So I’m confirming our hotel reservations in Istanbul and the email we got offers two options for getting picked up from Ataturk Airport. First off, the email’s automatically awesome because THE WHOLE THING IS IN CAPITAL LETTERS. Thank you, HAKAN & OKAN BROTHERS, for getting me up to speed so loudly.
Do we want:
a) [...]

A long summer

Well, I just got my car back after close to three weeks of the rental car (which wasn’t bad, in retrospect). I’ve never put 1500 miles on a rental car before, though. The only problems with my car now are that the trunk doesn’t always latch on the first try and the steering wheel is [...]

Flickr moblogs & CSS

Between bouts of late-night work, wedding planning, and sickness, I haven’t had time for much fun stuff lately. But I started helping Lanya with her new site tonight and we added some Flickr photos. I figured it was time to do the same on my site, so now I’ve got my moblogs in [...]